Storage containers filled with cut vegetable

Love your leftovers

There are so many interesting and tasty ways you can use your ‘leftover’ vegetables.

Using leftovers or vegetables that are no longer fresh is a great way to get in your veg and reduce waste.

Here are some of our favourite meal hacks that you can adapt to get the most out of all of your vegetables. Perfect for when you have veg in your fridge that isn’t as fresh and needs to be eaten.

Roast them up

By roasting your vegetables, you can use them in salads, as a delicious side to any dish, in frittatas, make them into dips or even cook a delicious soup.

Mexi beans

Use your leftover beans to create a spiced bean base to add to your salads, make a mexi bean pasta bake, make delicious burritos and tacos or even enjoy beans on toast.

Vegetable fritters/balls

Use your veg to blend up into vegetables fritters or balls. You can eat these as snacks or use them on top of pasta instead of ‘meatballs’ or make a delicious sandwich, wrap or roll.

Pestos and dressings

Use wilting greens to make pestos and dressings such as salsa verde and chimichurri.

Stir fried veg

Your veggies don’t need to be at their freshest to make a delicious stir fry!  Add to your choice of protein and noodles or rice, or enjoy as fried rice with egg. For an easy option you can even simply enjoy as a side to any meal.

Sauces, soups and smoothies

Leftover or wilted vegetables are still perfect for making sauces and soups or adding to smoothies.

Content contributed by Nutrition Australia