Enjoy more in season veggies

Take control of your health by using more vegetables that are in season. Not only are they fresh and rich in flavour but in season vegetables are generally cheaper and often on sale.

We all know vegetables are good for our health but 93% of Australians are not eating enough of them.(1) 

Less than 1 in 10 Australian adults eat the recommended serve of vegetables each day.(2) Only 9% of kids (aged 2 – 17 years) eat enough veggies to nourish their growing bodies and 4.1% of children do not eat vegetables at all.(2) 

Create healthy, delicious, budget-friendly meals using in season vegetables. Read our recipes and tips below for inspiration.

Tips to boost your veg

This campaign brought to you by

1. ABS 2017–18 National Health Survey
2. 2020 –  2021 National Health Survey- Dietary behaviour, 2020-21 financial year | Australian Bureau of Statistics (abs.gov.au)

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