A woman's hand picking a capsicum from a pile of yellow and red capsicums.

Shop smart! A guide to seasonal, frozen and canned vegetables


You may have heard that frozen and canned vegetables aren’t as nutritious as fresh vegetables… our accredited dietitians can confirm this is a myth.

Canned and frozen veggies are still full of nutrients plus have the added benefit of being budget friendly and convenient. Another perk to incorporating these veg into your lifestyle is that they are often pre-portioned – meaning even less work is required when creating your meals.


Frozen vegetables are harvested at their peak ripeness and snap frozen to help retain all of their nutrients for an extended period of time.

Our top 4 ways to use frozen vegetables are in stir fries, fried rice, shepherd’s pie or steamed veggies added to any meal.

There are also lots of different varieties to choose from to help you get creative in the kitchen:

Frozen vegetables
  • mixed veggies
  • seasoned veggies
  • stir fry mixes
  • vegetable rice.


Canned veg are also harvested at their peak ripeness to maximise flavour and nutrient quality while having an extended shelf life. Occasionally convenience may come at a small compromise so when selecting your canned veg be mindful of added sugar and sodium. An easy tip is to read the labels and opt for the option that is ‘no added salt/ sodium’.

Our top 4 ways use canned vegetables (in particular legumes) are in curries, pastas, salads and burgers.

Our recommended canned vegetables are:

  • beetroot
  • corn
  • different beans and legumes (4 beans and flavoured snack mixes)
  • green beans
  • mixed vegetables.


Seasons come and go so make the most getting in the vegetables that are in season at the time. Not only are they fresh and rich in flavour but in-season vegetables are generally cheaper and often on sale.

We have created a fun and handy guide showing you what vegetables are in season when to help you make the most of these fresh and nutritious foods.

Buy by season

Content contributed by Nutrition Australia