Preparing vegetables in the kitchen

6 ways to plan ahead to save time and money

By simply planning ahead you can get the most out of your vegetables and produce less waste – meaning more money in your pocket and a happier planet.

Life can be busy and you may find it hard to get in the recommended 5 serves of veg a day but we have easy recipes and top tips to help you.

1. Plan your meals for the week

Use a weekly meal planner to visualise and plan what you and your family would like to eat for the week. Download this FREE Try for 5 Meal Planner to stay organised.

A hot TIP from Fight Food Waste Australia – leave a ‘leftovers day’ in your planning. One night a week to eat or repurpose leftovers will save food, money and time. We have lots of ideas and recipes to love your leftovers.

2. Don’t forget your snacks

Veggies are a great snack! Plan ahead by cutting up some veggies at the start of the day so they are ready to be enjoyed on the go. Keep them fresh by storing them in a container with some damp paper towel. We have plenty of storage tips for keeping your veggies fresh.

If you do find yourself with any leftover snacks and pre-cut vegetables, you can always freeze these to add to soups or stir-fries at another time.

hommus and carrot sticks

3. Use a shopping list

Save time and money by going to the store with a list of what you need. With technology at our fingertips, you can either use the notes section in your phone or write out your list. Try using this FREE Shopping List to print out and take on your next trip to the shops, so you don’t forget any ingredients. 

Handy Tip: Don’t forget to add snacks to your list, so they are easy to grab and go.

4. Favourite recipes

Get the family excited and involved by selecting recipes from a cookbook to help you plan your meals. There are so many tasty recipes that involve vegetables. Check out the Try for 5 recipe book with over 100 exciting veggie packed recipes to pick from!

5. Meal prep

Pick a day or night of the week to cook and prepare meals for the week. Preparation is the key to success and dedicating some time in your week to prepare your meals will help you save time and stick to your plan. Consider cooking larger meals that you can portion into containers for convenience.

6. Check what you already have

When planning out your meals for the week first check in your fridge to see what veggies you already have that can be used. This will prevent food waste and save money. If you find some of your veg aren’t looking in their prime they are still perfect flexible recipes – We share more tips about how to make the most of your leftovers and great recipe ideas in Love your Leftovers.